Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SIP Case Us

Welcome to challenge 53 at Stamp, Ink, Paper!!

This week, we want you to CASE us.  I love to see what kind of spin others put on designs I have made...... so I thought this would be a fun idea, and luckily Justin agreed!!!

Here is what  came up with.....

I needed a thank you card for my aunt. I will be on vacation this week, thanks, in part to her.  She knew how much  needed a break, and contributed to my vacation fund, as a very early Christmas gift, so I can go!!  Montana here I come!!  :)

Growing up, we went out west a lot. It was one of my mom's favorite places,  When I graduated high school, I worked in Yellowstone National Park for four years.  I did everything from cashier, to gift shop, to Night Auditor....... it was great!!!   Many years later, my younger sister went out to give Yellowstone a try after breaking up with a boyfriend and wanting to leave a job she hated.  She fell for a guy, and ended up staying out there, and getting married.

Less than a year after her wedding, they were in a car accident.  My sister and her stepdaughter were killed instantly, her husband and stepson spent about a week in the hospital, both needed surgeries. So, a sad part of my trip will be a stop at the cemetery, but it will be nice to "chat" with the girls again.

So, be warned, my next blog post will probably be filled with pictures of mountains, waterfalls and such!!!  I like to take LOTS of photos!!!

Have a great week!!

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